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About Us

We, Alkaline Ionizers India Pvt. Ltd. are the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR of LIFE IONIZERS in India having its International Headquarters in California, UNITED STATES and presence in more than 23 countries and still expending…. Life Ionizers comes with latest technologies such as Max Plates and Max Power. This is the introduction of our new Next Generation LIFE MXL Series water ionizers.  These new MXL Series  models make the most powerful antioxidant alkaline water ever made by a home water ionizer which show our commitment to water purity Our Worldwide Line of Products includes:

Life Ionizers

 HydraCide Ionizers

 Commercial Ionizers for bottling plants and agriculture

 Vending Machines

 Fuzion Batch Ionizers

 Pitcher of Life - alkaline mineral water pitchers

 Specialized Stainless Steel Bottles to maintain pH and ionization