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Enagic & Kangen

 How are Enagic® / Kangen® and LIFE Ionizers™ different?

Company Enagic® / Kangen® Life Ionizers™
Business Model They are a multi-level marketing (MLM) company Sells factory direct to the public and through our authorized dealers
Innovation Their most recent technological advancement in the last 5 years was adding a platinum colored model. UV Light Technology; Custom pre-filter; Energy Frequency Technology; Laser Energy Technology; Vitamin C Ceramic Block Filters.
Cost in India Five-year-old technology costs the consumer approximately Rs. 2,68,000/- Comparable model costs only Rs. 1,80,000/- 
Warranty Warranty: 5-year full Guaranteed Four Year Warranty including Parts
Power Source Transformers Uses advanced SMPS Power System
Plate Material Platinum Plates  Double Dipped Platinum coated Titanium (Thickest Coating)
Filtration Single internal filter Dual filters plus free water report & free pre-filters for optimum filtration
Distributor started in the USA 01/01/2003
Since 1996 Now in India Also