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Thanks for Be a Part of Life Ionizers Family, Please Register Your Product For Warranty Below.

Detail of Warranty Policy

Warranty Information:

Warranty Information: Confidence in our warranty means we can offer you the highest quality machines along with peace of mind. Many companies will hide behind their warranty, but at Life Ionizers we want to provide you with an easy to understand and comprehensive warranty.

We have an extensive team of technicians on standby in the rare case that you run into any minor issues, to assure your Next Generation Life Ionizer is everything you hoped it would be.

With over 20 years in the industry, we are able to assure the highest production quality in our own certified ISO factory. Our Ionizers are built to last a lifetime.

Our improved Guaranteed Four Year Warranty applies to Next Generation ionizers.

Maintaining Your Warranty:

We want to ensure that your Ionizer is properly taken care of so that it may have the longest lifespan possible, this means following an easy routine maintenance procedure for optimal performance:

  • Internal filters must be changed  within schedule time from point of purchase.
  • Clear filter housings must be replaced annually from point of purchase. White filter housings must be replaced every two years from point of purchase. Remember to use authorized Life Ionizer filters and replacement parts to maintain your warranty. Remember to use authorized Life Ionizer filters and replacement parts to maintain your warranty.
  • Warranty only applies to units purchased through Life Ionizers or an official Life Ionizers Dealer in India.   
  • Warranties are non-transferrable.

Unfortunately, failure to comply with these procedures can cause damage or build-up in your machine, and will compromise the status of your warranty.

Further, warranty will be void if any of following  happens:

If damage is done by plumbing leakage which enter the ionizer.

If damage is done due to non-replacement of filters as per schedule.

If damage is done due to dropping of unit or hitting into the unit with heavy objects.
If damage is done by Lighting strikes, power surges and faulty electrical circuit in customer place or acts of God.

What Our Technicians Can Do For You:

Our technologically advanced systems are built to last and if any of our clients experiences difficulties or performance issues, we have technicians that are available to solve your situation along with online videos and support pages to answer any of your questions.

We will fix or replace your ionizer with a comparable ionizer at no cost to you (excluding shipping). The only item not covered would be accidental damage or negligence*. We have the best Four Year Warranty in the industry. Our Life Ionizers are built for a lifetime of service!

All warranty/service on life Ionizers and vending machines is performed in Ludhiana (Punjab). It is the customer's responsibility to transport the machine to and from the place of repair.

*Negligence includes, but is not limited to: leaving too close to flames; dropping unit; leaving outdoors in extreme heat or cold; and other negligence that damages the unit.